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In emergencies, Knowledge is key, Working together is Crucial

What is Gets Ready?

A website (and mobile apps) that provides tools to support Neighbourhood Support Groups, the EOC (emergency operations centre), council staff and the community. This is relevant across day to day life, minor incidents (boil water notices or fire bans etc) and major incidents (earthquakes, floods, fires etc). Its primary facets are:

The ability for situation reports to be sent from the community to the EOC in a structured manner

A network of contacts in the community

Tools to communicate via multiple channels to everyone, or to specific areas or categories of people

A self-managing and growing database of the entire community,

Why Gets Ready?

Gets Ready emerged out of the Darfield community in the aftermath of the first Christchurch earthquake. They realised there was a need for better tools to work together. Out of this, Dave Askin pioneered Gets Ready with the aim of:

Increased community resilience

Strengthened neighbourhood networks

Building partnerships between emergency services and the community.

What do people say about Gets Ready?

If there is one common theme about Gets Ready, it is that all of the current organisations -who use it, are passionate advocates. Here are some people you can talk to who have all used the system for years in real life situations.

The highlight was when stuff website reported a member of the Darfield community being at the Darfield pub for tea, saying “I got the council text, so left my meal and went to check on my property”

Gets Ready Tools

Communication Tools
  • Bulk Emails (with filter)
  • Bulk SMS (with filter)
  • SitReps provide information to the EOC
The Right Data & Smart Tools
  • Self updating database of the community
  • Filter and email/sms by skills, needs & resources
  • Comprehensive mapping
  • Apps for iOS and Android
  • The website is built with the most vunerable in mind, including the elderly. We aim to cater for those who rarely use technology
No Internet? No Problem.
  • There is a network of contacts on the ground
  • They have access to hard or soft copies of all the data – export to Word, spreadsheet and physical print out
Some Scenarios
  • Flooding in some areas – communications
    both ways
  • EOC: evacuations and accommodation
  • Community based contact teams to alert
  • Power is out, who has generators?
  • Power is out, who needs power to survive?

Where to from here?

To really see the power of Gets Ready, you need to see it in action. Please contact us to either get login details for the demo site (https://demo.getsready.net), or to schedule a live demo with us. We would also love to hear any questions, concerns or suggestions you have.

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